Our Lady of Lourdes Sanctuary of Rigaud

Except during the winter (when the road is not plowed), the Sanctuary grounds are always open. However, all activities at the Sanctuary (Eucharistic celebrations, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, praying the Rosary, access to the gift shop, etc.) are offered only during the Sanctuary’s season, which is from the end of May to the end of September.

In 1874 ...

... situated at the foot of the Rigaud mountain, amidst the beauty of nature, Our Lady of Lourdes Sanctuary became a place of pilgrimage under the ministry of the Clerics of St-Viateur.


Supported by a team of staff and volunteers, the priests and brothers assist the faithful through individual spiritual direction, faith education and proclamation of the Gospel message through dynamic liturgical celebrations.

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“The water that I shall give him will become in him a spring of water, welling up to eternal life.”

John 4:14b

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Who made God?

Who made God?

27 March 2024

A young man visited Our Lady of Lourdes Sanctuary with his parents and grandparents. Watching his mother and grandmother bring flowers up to the grotto, he asked his grandfather. Why is grandma taking flowers up the hill?

Woman smiling by Irene Strong (unsplash.com)

What is a smile?

17 April 2023

What is a smile? Is it the light of our countenance, the most precious thing in the world. (Maurice Zundel)

Horizon - Ciel - Symbole de grâces par Nitish Meena (unsplash.com)

Oh, give thanks to the LORD !

3 March 2023

Help me be a light that shines toward you today. Give me the courage to make your goodness known and to never be ashamed.

Grain de blé et lumière par Kirill Pershin (unsplash.com)

Live by grace

9 October 2022

There is no union greater or more radical than the oneness between Jesus Christ and his followers who live by grace. Fr. James Brent, O.P.

Lampion, lumière par Paolo Nicolello (unsplash.com)

St. Francis’ Prayer Before the Cross

3 October 2022

Most high, glorious God, bring light to the darkness of my heart. Give me right faith, firm hope, and perfect charity, with wisdom and insight. (Saint Francis of Assisi)


The gift of grace

10 August 2022

Every grace is a mission given not only to we who receive it but also as a gift for others. (Maurice Zundel)

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