Sanctuary Team

Our team is composed of many volunteers and support staff, whose essential and tireless efforts are greatly appreciated and contribute to the smooth operation of the Sanctuary.

Claude Auger, c.s.v., recteur

Claude Auger, c.s.v.


Gaëtan Labadie, c.s.v.

Gaëtan Labadie, c.s.v.

Vice Rector

René Breton, c.s.v., responsable du secrétariat

René Breton, c.s.v.


Jean-Maurice O'Leary, responsable du magasin d'objets de piété

Jean-Maurice O’Leary, c.s.v.

Gift shop manager

Albert Forget - Trésorier et directeur des équipements

Albert Forget, c.s.v.

Treasurer and Grounds Manager

Ronald Hockman, c.s.v.

Ronald Hochman, c.s.v.

Member of Pastoral Team

Jean-Claude Secours, c.s.v., adjoint et responsable des pèlerinages

Jean-Claude Secours, c.s.v.

Member of Pastoral Team

Jean-Maric, c.s.v. - Prêtre collaborateur

Jean-Marc Provost, c.s.v.

Member of Pastoral Team

M. et Mme Peter et Linda Krushelnyski

Mr and Mrs Peter and Linda Krushelnyski

Responsible for the sacristy and pilgrimages

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